Company History: Jamburee Suppliers JS was founded 10 years ago to bridge the gap between traditional telecommunications and broadcasting and traditional information technology (IT). The company has developed into an information and communications technology (ICT) company engaged in the acquisition, installation and maintenance of various network components as well as software development. Since then, JS has developed an agile approach and expanded it to include more comprehensive and modern technical solutions

Business Goals

👉 achieves excellence in providing quality services to our customers and becomes the best technical service provider in the country. 👉A successful company that will be a leader in customer service. Pursue excellence by providing high quality services to our customers.

CCTV -Surveilence and security

✍ Smart CCTV (remote monitoring and alarming) ✍ Access control via mobile phone ✍ Alarm systems (interaction with mobile phone)

WAN Network - Procurement and Maintenance of ICT Network

WAN (Fiber and Microwave System) ✍ SDH and PDH ADMS ✍ LAN (Firewall, Router, Switch, WiFi Access Points and Data Points ) ✍ Core Network and Network Device Storage (Server, QNAP and UPS) ✍ We provide multimedia services such as Video voice and general data management . ✍ Voice over IP solutions, video conferencing and data management systems

Backups and Generators

✍ Backup Power (Generators, Batteries and Solar system) ✍ Energy management on HVAC ✍ Lighting System ✍ Remote switching of house hold devices

Company Contact

Jamburee Suppliers Contacts: Cell :+266 58888068 Email : moteaneletsie@yahoo.com